Brewing coffee – Technivorm Automated Drip


Coffee Making Techniques​

There now appear to be a million and a half ways to brew coffee. French press, Aeropress, Espresso machine, pour over, and many more. The snobby looks at the fancy local coffee shop if you don’t choose to go the dripover route are hilarious.

Automated Drip? Isn’t that the worst way?

For pure convenience I am a big fan of automated drip. Especially in the morning or for large groups. I’ve gone through a number of machines before settling on the Technivorm Moccamaster (Amazon)

The machine in all it’s glory

Ready to load coffee and water

Loaded and ready to start

Why Technivorm?

Well it is the best I’ve found. THe only machine that is certified by the SCA Speciality Coffee Association.


  • Built like a tank. I’ve had this machine for over five years and it still functions perfectly.
  • It has a huge copper heating element which boils the water and uses the boiling to actually push it out and over the coffee grounds
  • It is built in the Netherlands and the quality of a machine built in a European country shows.
  • It has replaceable parts
  • It lasts. I feel this might be the last or second to last automated coffee brewer I ever buy


  • It is expensive. ~$291 looking on amazon today.
  • It can be slightly intiminating to use the first one or two times. How do all these parts work? It is more in the mindset of that industrial coffee machine at the office that only that one guy knows how to use.

How do I use it?

It’s pretty simple but I’ll lay it out step by step.

  1. Remove the black plastic top covers
  2. Load water into reservoir
  3. Add coffee filter to basket (make sure the switch on the basket is set to full open)
  4. Add coffee in basket
  5. Put covers back on.
  6. Turn machine on
  7. Wait for brewing to complete
  8. Enjoy coffee

See it in action

Notice the coffee “blooming” as the water comes into contact with the grounds. This is the carbon dioxide escaping as it brews. This means you have fresh coffee.


Enjoy your coffee. Also don’t forget to clean it periodically (but that is the topic for another post)


A burr grinder will up your coffee game significantly. In depth discussion of the wheres whats and whys is an entirely different topic. I use the capresso coffee grinder (Amazon). It is the “cheap option at around ~$90. Well worth it. I’ve had this particular machine for almost ten years and it still works like a champ.

Ditch the whirly grinder.

Happy Coffee!